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Twin Lakes Soccer Association has multiple coaches with various degrees of coaching certification including ASSA State F, E, D certifications as well as National D license and National C Youth Diplomas. Many of our coaches started as parent coaches for our micro teams and gained certification as their kids progressed through the program. Others have played soccer themselves and wish to share their passion for soccer with the youth in our community.

If you are interested in becoming a certified coach, contact Travis Denton

Grassroots Certification:

 The USSF has changed the lower level coaching certifications.  You may now take a 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 or 11v11 Grassroots coaching course.  This can be done online or in the classroom.   Go to https://dcc.ussoccer.com/ to get started today.

ASSA D Certification: 

This 36-hour course is designed to prepare coaches working with U13 and older players by expanding their understanding of the technical and tactical demands of the game and the developmental process necessary for players of these ages. In addition, the course covers practical coaching methods and teaches the framework necessary to prepare players and teams for competition. This course is conducted over two weekends which are separated by a "practice period" of approximately two months. The fee is $110, and ASSA members who register and pay before the early deadline will receive a $10 discount.

Successful completion of the D License course certifies coaches with either a National D License or State D Certificate. Both licenses are non-expiring and are awarded following the completion of both theoretical and practical testing. Candidates wishing to attend a US Soccer National Coaching School to take the C License course must have earned and held a National D License for a minimum of 12 months.

National C Youth Diploma: 

The National Diploma is a 45-hour course designed to meet the needs of the more experienced coach, particularly those coaching at the high school level and above, or youth coaches with previous certification and a number of years working with the developing player.  It is strongly recommended that candidates complete the NSCAA Level 6 Diploma or USSF "D" license prior to the course. The overall objective of the National Diploma is to acquaint the coach with the needs of the soccer player and provide an organized and progressive methodology of coaching those needs. Basic technical and tactical knowledge is the central theme of the course in a 6 vs. 6 model. The course includes sessions on the teaching process, psychological skills training and Laws of the Game. Participants receive a curriculum that outlines the course content and includes valuable resource material. Testing includes oral, written and practical (coaching) evaluations. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Level Last, First Name Certification
Not specified Ades, Chris
Not specified Backowski, Shawn
Not specified Ballard, Jonathon
Not specified Bodenhamer, Derek
Not specified Brakebill, Nicole
Not specified Brewer, Brett
Not specified Brown, William
Not specified Butler, Sarah
Not specified Cooley, Kris
Not specified Crandall, Charles
Not specified Day, Lacey
Not specified Drott, Collin
Not specified Feighert, Luke
Not specified Hayden, Joshua
Not specified Holtz, Steven
Not specified Horn, Heaven
Not specified Hughes, Aaron
Not specified Hughes, Traci
Not specified Hulsey, Colleen
Not specified Hunter, Michelle
Not specified Isham, Stefany
Not specified Ives, Brett
Not specified Jones, Carmen
Not specified Jones, Randal
Not specified Kanatzar, Kerry
Not specified Killian, Klay
Not specified King, Candace
Not specified Lange, Amanda
Not specified Morrell, Rockie
Not specified Neher, Carol
Not specified O'Connor, Anna
Not specified Parrish, Ashley
Not specified Pepper, Blake
Not specified Powell, Meagan
Not specified Ramsey, Wes
Not specified Reynolds, Christopher
Not specified Shelley, Jaron
Not specified Shelley, Sarah
Not specified Shelley, Stephen
Not specified Smith, Geoffrey
Not specified Springfield, Joash
Not specified Stallings, Christopher
Not specified Stevens, Lawrence
Not specified Stults, David
Not specified Thomas, Hunter
Not specified Thomas, Rosemary
Not specified Withrow, Joseph
First Touch Baxter, Lexy
Not Registered Barr, Donald
Not Registered Brown, Emily
Not Registered Campbell, Patrick
Not Registered Darren, Darracq
Not Registered Denton, Travis
Not Registered Gann, William
Not Registered Gill, Ashton
Not Registered Horne, Jody
Not Registered Howerton, Matt
Not Registered Hughes, Jeff
Not Registered Johnson, Kelby
Not Registered Jones, Christy
Not Registered Jones, Madilyn
Not Registered Kemp, Amber
Not Registered Kemp, Joshua
Not Registered Koehn, Nathaniel
Not Registered Lunnen, Eric
Not Registered McHenry, Staci
Not Registered Morris, Kathleen
Not Registered Norwick, Sandra
Not Registered Oconnor, Jon
Not Registered Owens, Daylon
Not Registered Pearson, James
Not Registered Quinney, Neal
Not Registered Recktenwald, Clint
Not Registered Recktenwald, Sara
Not Registered Reynolds, Pete
Not Registered Sanders, Kenny
Not Registered Simmons, Stacey
Not Registered Throckmorton, Michael
Not Registered Tilley, Justin
Recreational Jones, Kaytlin