Twin Lakes Soccer Association has multiple coaches with various degrees of coaching certification including ASSA State F, E, D certifications as well as National D license and National C Youth Diplomas. Many of our coaches started as parent coaches for our micro teams and gained certification as their kids progressed through the program. Others have played soccer themselves and wish to share their passion for soccer with the youth in our community.

If you are interested in becoming a certified coach, contact Travis Denton via email:

Micro Modules: 

Coaching modules are open to all coaches, parents, and administrators. These 4-hour clinics provide age-appropriate guidance for coaching players in the U6/U8 or U10/U12 age groups. You can attend any coaching module regardless of whether or not you are registered with the association hosting the course. If there is not a course offered nearby, you can call your association's president and get one scheduled.

USSF  F Certification:

This online course is designed for the novice coach of U7 and older recreational players, and is especially important for coaches who do not have extensive soccer playing experience. The curriculum focuses on individual skill development, technical coaching points, and the use of small-sided games as a teaching tool for youth soccer players. The course will also demonstrate how to organize training sessions that match the learning characteristics and age-appropriate needs of young players. Participating coaches must be at least 16 years old, and the fee is just $25/coach.

ASSA E Certification:

The 18-hour E License course is designed for coaches of U9 and older players, and is especially important for coaches who do not have extensive soccer playing and soccer coaching experience. The curriculum focuses on player development, both as an individual and as part of a team, with an emphasis on skill development and small-sided tactical concepts. The course will also cover practical coaching methods and team management principles. There are no prerequisites to attend this course, but participating coaches must be at least 16 years old. The fee is $70

ASSA D Certification: 

This 36-hour course is designed to prepare coaches working with U13 and older players by expanding their understanding of the technical and tactical demands of the game and the developmental process necessary for players of these ages. In addition, the course covers practical coaching methods and teaches the framework necessary to prepare players and teams for competition. This course is conducted over two weekends which are separated by a "practice period" of approximately two months. The fee is $110, and ASSA members who register and pay before the early deadline will receive a $10 discount.

Successful completion of the D License course certifies coaches with either a National D License or State D Certificate. Both licenses are non-expiring and are awarded following the completion of both theoretical and practical testing. Candidates wishing to attend a US Soccer National Coaching School to take the C License course must have earned and held a National D License for a minimum of 12 months.

National C Youth Diploma: 

The National Diploma is a 45-hour course designed to meet the needs of the more experienced coach, particularly those coaching at the high school level and above, or youth coaches with previous certification and a number of years working with the developing player.  It is strongly recommended that candidates complete the NSCAA Level 6 Diploma or USSF "D" license prior to the course. The overall objective of the National Diploma is to acquaint the coach with the needs of the soccer player and provide an organized and progressive methodology of coaching those needs. Basic technical and tactical knowledge is the central theme of the course in a 6 vs. 6 model. The course includes sessions on the teaching process, psychological skills training and Laws of the Game. Participants receive a curriculum that outlines the course content and includes valuable resource material. Testing includes oral, written and practical (coaching) evaluations. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Level Last, First Name Certification
Not specified Beauregard, Scott USSF E
Not specified Lunnen, Eric
Not specified Mattox, Bryan
Not specified McKee, Cody
Not specified Sanders, Kenny
Not specified Barr, Donald
Not specified Brown, Emily
Not specified Butler, Ben
Not specified Butler, Benjamin
Not specified Butler, Nicole
Not specified Campbell, Patrick
Not specified Campfield, Danielle
Not specified Clark, Leslie
Not specified Darren, Darracq
Not specified Douglas, Carly
Not specified Eiden, Abby
Not specified Eiden, Robert
Not specified Elliott, Edward
Not specified Eubanks, Samantha
Not specified Fairchild, Chris
Not specified Farris, Victoria
Not specified Galluzzo, Anthony
Not specified Gentry, Andrea
Not specified Gentry, Meagan
Not specified Gibbs, Coleen
Not specified Gibbs, Tamsin
Not specified Gill, Ashton
Not specified Hammon, Jacob
Not specified Hammonds, Heather
Not specified Harper, Daphne
Not specified Hicks, Cyndi
Not specified Hill, Wanda
Not specified Horne, Jody
Not specified Howerton, Matt
Not specified Jackson, Meredith
Not specified Johnson, Kelby
Not specified Kemp, Amber
Not specified Kemp, Joshua
Not specified Koehn, Nathaniel
Not specified Lewis, Christine
Not specified Loosey, Mika
Not specified Marks, Brandt
Not specified McHenry, Staci
Not specified Mckee, Brady
Not specified Morris, Kathleen
Not specified Norwick, Sandra
Not specified Oconnor, Jon
Not specified Owens, Daylon
Not specified Pearson, James
Not specified Quinney, Neal
Not specified Recktenwald, Clint
Not specified Recktenwald, Sara
Not specified Riojas, Alyxandria
Not specified Sanborn, Chris
Not specified Sharp, Brandi
Not specified Simmons, Stacey
Not specified Taylor, Kristin
Not specified Taylor, Shannon
Not specified Throckmorton, Michael
Not specified Tobler, Amy
Not specified Tobler, Phillip
Not specified Wickersham, Beth
Not specified Wyble, Angel
Academy Coffey, Mike
Classic Spetnagel, Shane
Classic Standridge, Jason
First Touch Carlson, Sarah
First Touch Collins, Lance
First Touch Edwards, Jayson
First Touch Gann, William
First Touch Gaston, Daniel
First Touch Hughes, Jeff
First Touch Mooney, Brian
First Touch Morris, Courtney
First Touch Sharp, Areil
In House Rec Arias, Elisa
Recreational Carlson, Jeffrey
Recreational Denton, Travis
Recreational Hufhines McHenry, Staci
Recreational Reynolds, Pete
Recreational Sanborn, Rose
Recreational Tilley, Justin
Recreational Tilley, Ronald
Recreational Walker, Nickolas